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I am an entrepreneur with open mindset and welcome all chances coming to me.

Cong-Thang HUYNH


No one becomes poor by giving.

“Share – Give – Inspire”


General Management:
– General management, operational review and optimization
– New venture development and management

Business Development:
– Connection between our products and services with distribution channels and direct clients
across Asia.
– Trade promotion between Vietnam and other countries in Asia

Community building:
– Professional in motivation, public speaking, team building, leadership
– Marketing community and distribution network development

Mentor and Advisor:
– Operational structure, system design and implementation
– Business plan and proposal development, execution and control
– Consulting strategy, consumer behavior study and market insight


What should leaders keep in mind in the time of crisis to make an impact?

My keynote at RMIT Webinar: “Leadership Mindset In Difficult Times” on 20 May, 2020. ————————————————- Hello everyone,   Thanks RMIT for inviting me to share with the young talents.  I will start my sharing about mindset by telling 4 stories which reflect mindset messages.   1. A choice is always available for you (Bế Thị Băng)   …


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