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Cong-Thang HUYNH


No one becomes poor by giving.

“Share – Give – Inspire”


Over 10 years experience, Thang is engaging, connecting and consulting actors in several industries , including start-up mentoring, strategic business development, innovation framework, education and investment. 

He received the Edutech Leadership award 2017 at Global Edutech Congress and Award 2017 at Mumbai, India thanks to his contribution to education and technology.


Why Vietnam?  A potential AI hub in ASEAN

AI story  When the Soviet Union launched the first human-made satellite Sputnik 1 into orbit in October 1957, it had an instant and profound effect on the American psyche and government policy. The event sparked widespread U.S. public anxiety about perceived Soviet technological superiority, with Americans following the satellite across the night sky and tuning …

Capture Vietnam’s investment landscape in 2021

Vietnam is expected to become the third largest startup and innovation hub in Southeast Asia, only after Singapore and Indonesia in 2022, according to the Southeast Asia Startup Ecosystem 2.0 report by Golden Gate Ventures. This projection is relevant to the current investment landscape of Vietnam when 2021 witnessed a lion’s share of capital (over …


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