Lead The Change Exchange Trip – overseas youth leadership programs that equip the youth with a necessary skill set for the 21st century, international mentorship, corporate insights and network for young leaders aged 18-25. This is a platform for young talents to connect, engage, discuss and learn concerning social issues and eventually drives them to collectively solve problems by actual projects and become tomorrow’s change-makers.

The program timeline in 2020:

Thailand (15/06/2020 – 20/06/2020)
Singapore (06/07/2020 – 11/07/2020)
Taiwan (02/08/2020 – 08/08/2020)
Korea (27/09/2020 – 03/10/2020)
Singapore (16/11/2020 – 21/11/2020)

The program is supported by NUS Enterprise, Facebook HQ, Google HQ, NUS Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Center, NUS Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy, LEVEL3/ Unilever Foundry, Padang & Co, Kris Lab – Singapore Airline, Singapore Business Federation, United Overseas Bank, Omron, Yahoo, Amazon Web Service, Enterprise Singapore, The Edge Learning Center, Bangchak Corporation, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), Siam Cement Group (SCG), Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU – CIBA), …

Young leaders will interact with expert facilitators, dedicated mentors, and inspirational speakers working in Multinational Corporations. Our training topics related to:

  • Innovation through Design Thinking
  •  Emotional Intelligence
  •  Critical & Logical Thinking
  •  Cross-Cultural Communication & Collaboration
  •  Interpersonal Skills
  •  Public Speaking
  • Explore yourself

A chance to meet the impossible:

  •  Visit top leading MNCs from all around the world
  •  Volunteer at Local organization
  •  Leaded by a team of experienced and dedicated mentors.
  •  Release your energy by attending Amazing Race activities
  •  Break the program challenge – Shining at Gala night by pitching your presentation
  •  Receive the certificate after graduation
  •  Access to young leadership network – who never stop:


To become official young leader of Lead The Change 2020 Exchange Trip, you have to complete 6 steps:

  1.  Research about the program
  2.  Fill in the registration form
  3.  Online interview via phone (Organizing committee will contact you after 3-5 days of registration)
  4.  Interview with Program Manager
  5.  Receive your interview results
  6.  Submit required documents and sign the contract

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Hotline: +84 933 574 688

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore

Lead The Change 2019 Exchange trip in Singapore

18th – 23th, November 2019

About program

Lead The Change 2019 Exchange trip is a six-day program in Singapore held by Lead The Change Community.

Throwback – Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore

The program is supported by NUS Enterprise, Action Community for Entrepreneurship, Facebook, The Edge Learning Center, NUS Chu Thian Poh Community Leadership Center, NUS Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy, LEVEL3/ Unilever,
Singapore Business Federation, UOB : United Overseas Bank…

Program theme:  Key Competencies for Industry 4.0

We believe that next generation of leaders need new competencies and skills fitting for the 21st century to be successful and to tackle the complex challenges.

Our framework designed by advanced study program and training of experts coming from Multinational Corporation which help young leaders to have adequate views about importance of skills in reality life and work. From that, they will apply these skills effectively into reality situations.


Young leaders will interact with expert facilitators, dedicated mentors, and inspirational speakers working in Multinational Corporations.

Our training topics relate to Design thinking, Cross-Cultural Collaboration, Entrepreneur thinking, Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneur, etc.

It will also include field visits to local cultural sites, as well as group projects that will culminate in presentations.

Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore Memories Stay

Program Agenda

Agenda program

Watching 6 days of Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore – July’s journey

Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip July’s journey in Singapore

Eligibility Criteria

  • Young leaders: Aged 18-25 years
  • Interested in exchanging the global culture
  • Seek a better understanding of the ASEAN region
  • Seek to widen their perspectives
  • Passionate in making the impact to the social
  • Fluent in English

Selecting process

How to be a young leader of Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip
  • Step 1: Complete registration form
  • Step 2: Complete Application form (Organizers will send you after 3-5 days)
  • Step 3: Interview
  • Step 4: Information day
  • Step 5: Become young leader of the program
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To be a young leader of Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore – November!

  • Register here: Information form
  • Duration: November 18th- November 23th, 2019
  • Location: Singapore

For more information, please contact:

About Lead The Change Community

Lead The Change Community whose precursor is UEH Connected Community – the global community for the youth and startups.

Our vision: The number one place to introduce young talents to the entrepreneurial community, MNCs and startup community in Asia.

Our mission: 

  • Improve the mindset, necessary skills  of young generation in the changing world
  • Create a supportive entrepreneurial community
  • Collect comprehensive data on the excellent talents, mentors, trainers and speakers
  • Bring awareness and inspiration to the audience about startup culture and innovation

Opening Speech of Final round of Lead the Change 2018 competition

My honor guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is such a pleasure and honor for me to be here and mark the final round of Lead the Change 2018 competition.

As mentioned before, I dream of the Vietnamese young generation with good English and soft skill, great attitude and mindset. UEH Connected was founded with that dream and we have incubation programs and activities that attract not only the Vietnamese but also the foreigners.

Mr Cong-Thang HUYNH, Mr Rick Yvanovich, Mr Eddie Thai, Ms Nguyen Phi Van,Mr Mike Tran, Mr Gaku Echizenya, CG Kyle Nunas & CG Mary Tarnowka –
Lead the Change is the new way of leadership incubation which we used it as a tool to bring the youth abroad. We are proud to share that we brought 32 young Vietnamese to Singapore in July of this year for intensive training
Lead the Change 2018 competition is also a good tool for us to nurture talents with good ideas and potential; and equip them with training, mentorship, networks to open their mindset so that they can lead the change to drive Vietnamese economy.
We have 800 qualified applications this year from more 40 universities and organizations. If someone follows us from the beginning will recognize that it is the big transformative journey for the youth. They came to us with a big dream without necessary skill and right mindset. Through 8 intensive trainings and 8 mentoring sessions covering from business plan, finance to how to make the pitch deck and presentation. They are now totally different and stronger than they were before our competition. You can read hand writing feedback to feel what I meant.
And we can not do it alone without any support. We would like to express our thank you message to
  • Consul General of US Ms Mary Tarnowka  – our good friend
  • US Consulate General
  • Startup Campus from Korean Goverment (Ms Dorothy & Mr Collin),
  • KIMC (Mr Ted Kim),
  • Consulate of Italy,
  • ITP (Information Technology Park) under National University
  • University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city,
  • Arizona State University,
  • RMIT and
  • Ms Nguyen Phi Van – Founder & CEO Retail & Franchise Asia​
  • Mr Rick Yvanovich – Founder & CEO của TRG International​
  • Mr Kyle Nunas – Consul General of Canada
  • Ms Ngo Phuong Thao – Founder  Anbooks
  • Ms Thi Anh Dao – CEO Isobar Vietnam
  • Mr Eddie Thai – Partner 500 Startups​
  • Mr Gaku Echizenya – Chairman of Navigos Group
  • Mr Warren Eng – Leaders create Leaders
, many judges, mentors, trainers of 5 rounds and especially my Lead the change team who spent months for this project and making it happen with me. I know that my thank you message here is never enough for what you have contributed to this community and competition but history will remember you all. 😀
There’s an old African proverb that says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” But We can not be slow in this 4.0 industrial revolution, we have to go together further quickly.
Thank you for going together with us and making us stronger day after day.
Hope you will have a great day!!!
Thank you,